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Get Real! takes a historical look at how the messages that women have followed for several generations have kept them from focusing on their own inner development thus becoming mythic women and cheating themselves out of joyful and fulfilling lives. So many women come to a point in their lives where they wonder if they are only the roles they play. The next question they ask is how they got there.

Get Real! discusses the path from the doldrums of mythic living to living an authentic life from the heart using the author’s own experiences and the stories of other women.

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Get Real! Fighting the Mythic Woman, Finding Your Authentic Self has opened up a whole new view for me, not only about how my life has been influenced by things I wasn't even aware of, but also it created a new view for me to live from. As a mom, wife and full time employee I have filled my life with the Dos and Don’ts that haven't always made me happy but I thought were the correct choices because of my culture or circumstances. I am the strong woman for everyone and constantly giving all I have until I am so tired, overwhelmed and frustrated.

Get Real! Fighting the Mythic Woman, Finding Your Authentic Self pinpoints all the places in my life that have been taken over by the Mythic Woman. I am able to see how I have allowed other things in life to make my choices for me and realize this is not how I want my own daughters to live their lives. The book explains that as women we all feel the pull of the Mythic woman everywhere and to fight her we need to discover what we really want for our own lives and to create a deeper connection with all women in our communities, to reach out, support and empower each of them, even if it’s with a smile. Taking the small steps to discover my Authentic Self has brought back my creativity, a passion for life again, and an inner calmness that I haven't felt in years. I highly recommend every woman read this book and then let your daughters read it.


About the Author

Ananya Rajan

Ananya S. Rajan has been a student of spirituality and Theosophy for over twenty-five years. A native of Chicago, she lived in India for six years after losing both her parents as a teenager. Under the guidance of different teachers, she began to study self-awareness, realizing it to be the key to true happiness in one’s life.

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